[Samba] Updated my samba 4.13.3 samba4repo tools for CentOs 8

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 02:06:14 UTC 2021

So, it looks like RHEL 8 and CentOS 8 now have updated versions of
various libraries needed for Samba 4.13, such as libtalloc and libldb.
And you'd think this would make compilation of Samba 4.13 easier on
CentOS 8. But somewhere in the process, they decided to simply snip
out the python3-talloc-devel and python3-ldb-devel packages which are
in the Fedora reasons, snipping them out for no reason I can see.

I've gotten pretty tired of the "we're going to snip things out of the
Fedora .spec files for no stated reason" approach to various packages
like quota and now libtalloc, libldb, and samba itself. It means that
I need to keep publishing those libraries as part of my samba4repo
tools, which I'd hoped to stop doing. I'd frankly hoped to be able to
stop this work for a while as CentOS 8 became more popular and the
components more up-to-date.

Sadly, I'm afraid that the decision to stop publishing point releases
for CentOS 8 and turn CentOs 8 into the beta for RHEL, rather than a
mirror of RHEL, is so destabilizing to using CentOS for production
grade environments that many companies and many fans of tools like
Samba will not use it, they'll stick with CentOS 7 much as red Hat
users stuck with Red Hat 7.x rather than updating to Red Hat 9 back in
2003, and delayed upgrades until RHEL came out and started publishing
usable point releases again. I frankly anticipate a similar fate for
RHEL 8. I'll keep publishing backports of Samba for the immediate
future. but this sort of unnecessary and unwelcome "re-organization"
is wasting my time.

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