[Samba] no Access to network share after login until restart of smbd

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Jan 14 08:10:28 UTC 2021


now it has something todo with caching somewhere, i dont know why. 

But wait... yesterday/today is windows update day..
the day i always start with windows problem. 


Few tips. 
i noticed here in the office, laptops and pc had hybernation enabled

 out of the blue... (thanks MS, again).. 

Just try reboot the computer. Dont shutdown.. reboot.
not working, remove all shares (disconnect) then reboot. 

And if that does not work.
! in all cases, remove the drivemapping.. 
Create a new policy. 

make sure this is applied before the drive mappings. 

remove all mapping with it. ( after its all fixed, disable it )

Try this, use login format : username at REALM.TLD

or if you normaly use ADDOM\username .. try with only username 

i hope it helps you.. 





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> Hello,


> I'm facing a strange problem and perhaps someone can help. Only few

> users of our small system (130 Clients with 200 Users) having troubles

> to access network shares after login on windows 10 clients with their

> domain user. Our fileserver (Debian, Samba 4.13.2) is a simple domain

> member. The shares are provided by network drives that are created by GPO.


> When the user clicks on a network drive after login, there is a message

> "Windows cannot access \\...\..." for a few seconds. After the first

> message the user gets "\\...\... is not accessable. You might not have

> the permission to use this network resource. ...". When smbd is

> restarted on the file server after the login of the user, the network

> drive/share is accessable without any problems. So permissions on the

> file server seem to be correct. The strange point is the following. The

> network drive is mapped to the share by "\\hostname\sharename". When

> this is not accessable after login and the user tries to access the

> share by "\\FQDN\sharename" or "\\IP\sharename", the share is accessable

> without problems. After changing the GPO to another way of definition

> (hostname, fqdn, ip) this gets locked and the other two are working.


> It seems to me, that the network share is accessed by the user account

> during login, when it has no access to the share. This info is cached

> and the user never gets access again until a restart of smbd. The only

> common thing concerning the accounts I found, are additional mapped

> network drives to the same shares or subfolders that are created by the

> users. But this works for many other users accounts.


> Is there someone, that can give a hint to solve the problem?


> Regards,

> Andreas


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