[Samba] issue with samba list and O365

Jason Keltz jas at eecs.yorku.ca
Sun Jan 10 16:10:35 UTC 2021


I have a question that is a bit off topic because it involves this 
mailing list itself, but not Samba.  :)

I recently tried changing my email address on the list from one system 
to another.  The destination system uses MS O365.    When I didn't 
receiving the confirmation email on the destination system, I was 
puzzled.  I tried a few times on a few different days, then contacted 
the samba list maintainer who verified that the confirmation messages 
were actually being sent.  To make a long story short, I have verified 
with my organization that the messages are being treated by MS as spam! 
However, it gets better than that.  Apparently, samba mailing list 
confirmation messages are *so bad* that MS doesn't think it's safe for 
me to be able to view them from my spam folder.  To protect me, good old 
MS actually quarantines them on my organizations site, and they need to 
be released manually to me.   I'm glad MS is looking out for me!  It's 
not clear whether individual mailing list messages would be the same or 
not.  I tried from another mailing list that uses mailman as well 
(freebsd.org) and the confirmation message was also quarantined.  My 
organization submitted a ticket to MS, but I'm just curious about 
whether anyone on the list is using O365 e-mail, and whether this is 
something new.  Even though my organization is obviously willing to 
release the quarantined email to me, I'm hesitant to reply to it to 
complete the move in case ALL messages sent from mailman lists will be 
quarantined.  Any thoughts? :)  Big brother is watching!!


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