[Samba] create container object type using samba-tool

James Nord teilo at teilo.net
Thu Jan 7 14:32:30 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I can't find any way (which is either I am missing it, or it does not
exist) to create a container type in a Samba AD setup.

fallback is to do this with ldapmodify - but this has some issues as I am
trying to setup a large / complex AD tree in docker to be able to use it
for some performance testing of a product and the ldap tool needs to be
told passwords and the domain structure rather than just have a
relative PATH, as well as some race conditions that makes it a little flaky
to use this approach :(

Does anyone know if it is possible to do using samba native tooling?

In other words, under an OU I would like some containers so I can separate
out various types of other things like (users, contractors, groups, etc..)

or even a flag for creating users to say force create the structure
(`samba-tool user create --userou=CN=Users,OU=My-Org luser`  fails
unsuprisingly as as  CN=Users does not exist)

Thanks for any pointers


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