[Samba] Permissions issue on only some files in a share

Bruce Ferrell bferrell at baywinds.org
Sun Jan 3 08:01:24 UTC 2021

I'm seeing something I'm baffled  by.  I've mounted a samba share on an OS X system and SOME files in the share are not accessable. I have an example below.

the setting from smb.conf for the share:

     csc policy = disable
     read list = %U
     preserve case = no
     hide unreadable = No
     write list = %U
     posix locking = No
     guest ok = Yes
     hide dot files = no
     case sensitive = yes
     oplocks = Yes
     map archive = no
     writable = yes
     locking = No
     path = %H
     block size = 1024
     valid users = %S
     hide special files = No
     short preserve case = no

Seen at the OS X Client (10.13.6):

d??????????  ? ?        ?              ?            ? .VirtualBox

On newer versions the file isn't even visible

On the actual Filesystem:

drwx------    2 user user       4096 Jan 12  2016 .VirtualBox

Samba version:  samba 4.2.10

I've tried setting the directory to 777 as well with no change

debug level set to 4 for the client log shows:

   get_privileges: No privileges assigned to SID [S-1-5-21-3503858573-3253549328-247812220-1003]

when attempting to access the files/directories

Any suggestions?

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