[Samba] Any drawback in changing primary group of domain users ?

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 17:29:50 UTC 2021

On 2/26/21 10:41 AM, Roy Eastwood wrote:
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>> On 2/25/21 4:40 PM, Roy Eastwood wrote:
>>>> Nicola wrote
>>>> After reading all of your considerations, which at the moment
>>>> I can only partially understand, this is what I made.
>>>> ---- /etc/smb.conf --------------------
>>>> force group = adm
>>>> --------------------------------------------
>>>> It seemed to me the easiest solution. To perform and to maintain.
>>>> I leave the Primary Group to "Domain Users" for all Windows domain user,
>>>> not to go against Windows habits.
>>>> I will keep it working for a week and see if any issue emerges.
>>>> The benefits seems to be:
>>>> . Directories don't get by default "Domain user" group when written in
>>>> the ext4. So "Domain user" people
>>>> can go only where I say they can go through 'getfacl'.  I don't need to
>>>> worry any more
>>>> about the interaction between Linux group permission and the W.Domain
>>>> users.
>>>> . My default user in NAS  is in the group "adm". 'adm' is not defined
>>>> as a group in AD => I can walk  freely in the shared disk still being
>>>> only a
>>>> "Linux user" without any Windows Domain Group.
>>>> thank you all for your insightful considerations and experience !
>>>> bye
>>>> Nicola
>>> Maybe I've misunderstood your issues, but if you add
>>>    	acl_xattr:ignore system acl = yes
>>> to your smb.conf (instead of force group) will that solve the problem?
>>> Roy
>> Hi Roy,
>> maybe that would work as well.  I preferred the other just because
>> i already used it. The NAS is in production, the amount of experiments
>> I can do is limited.
>> The problem is that I was having strange issues of users not able to
>> reach some contents, condition which, by ACL rules, should not have
>> happened.
>> I red all what i could find about Samba, permissions, ACL, etc. still my
>> grasp
>> of the whole story is not strong. So I can not analyze the issue
>> deductively.
>> Instead, I noticed that the directory having problems had all "Domain user"
>> as a group, in Linux, so I induced there might have been a clash of
>> permissions between
>> ACL rules and Linux directory group permissions.
>> Then I thought I might have changed the default group from Domain Users
>> to something different. Somebody reccomended against it, i think Rowland.
>> So, I preferred to roll back to a previous config which should be safer.
> @Rowland I think the OP's problems stem from the fact that both POSIX ACLs and Windows ACLs are in play.
> I have scanned the WiKi and can find no reference to adding the line:
> 	acl_xattr:ignore system acl = yes
> to either the share share definition or the global section of smb.conf when using Windows ACLs.
> Is it worth making this clear by adding it to the https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setting_up_a_Share_Using_Windows_ACLs
> page?
> Roy

Hi Roy, forgive my beginner question, but If I would set the parameter 
as you
say would it be possible to change the ACL on the shared disk using 
Linux 'setfacl' ?

Using 'setfacl' has been a priceless plus in my case. Much better than 
using Windows tools.
If that would be lost my humble recommendation is not to put it into the 


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