[Samba] What happens to files if an employee quits - user removed from AD

Nicola Mingotti nmingotti at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 09:58:46 UTC 2021

Hi again,

sorry for opening many topics, it is just Samba time for
me these days and I have a lot of new questions.

When I moved all our company NAS from WindowsServer to Linux/Samba
all files where owned by 'root' and had group 'adm'.
All access were regulated only trough ACL.

Now I see users are creating a lot of new
directory and files, of course. Which have as owner
the AD users.

My question is, suppose user 'foo' leaves the company
tomorrow. He made quite a few directories and files.
In theory I should remove the user from AD so suppose
I do it, I remove user 'foo' from AD. What
will happen to 'foo' owned files ? Who will become the owner?
Will disk remain in a consistent state ?

I am also considering changing the owner of all files
to 'root' every night. Because the actual owner of all files
isn't any user, is the company. I don't do 'force user = root' in smb.conf
because I like to see who is doing what in the log files.


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