[Samba] 2 AD DNS questions

Dale samba at txschroeder.family
Fri Feb 19 18:58:21 UTC 2021

(1)  I've had very little success in getting a 2nd DC to take over when 
the 1st DC is down.  While searching for possible causes, I discovered 
in RSAT that the reverse zone has only the 1st DC listed on the 
nameserver tab of both DC's, unlike the forward zone, where both are 
listed.  Additionally RSAT does not allow me to add the 2nd DC to the 
nameserver tab, instead yielding a "Validation error, please try again 
later" error message.  I assume there is a corresponding samba-tool 
command to accomplish this, but I have not been able to find it.

(2)  Also, I seem to recall it being stated on this list that in AD, 
each DC was supposed to be the SOA of its DNS records.  For me, the SOA 
of both the forward and reverse zones on the 2nd DC is still the first 
DC, just like a non-AD BIND9 server.  I'm just asking for clarification 
of what the correct value should be for the SOA on each DC.


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