[Samba] DFS with two target

Michael Wandel m.wandel at t-online.de
Wed Feb 17 17:08:12 UTC 2021

Hi Stefan,

Am 17.02.21 um 17:36 schrieb Stefan Kania via samba:
> Hi everybody,
> I try to setup a DFS with two targets. I have three fileserver:
> fs-01 => the dfs-root
> fs-02 => with shares
> fs-03 => with share
> -----------
> I created the directory /dfstree and creted the following links:
> -------------
> ln -s msdfs:fs-03\\tabellen tabellen
> ln -s msdfs:fs-02\\briefe briefe
> ln -s msdfs:fs-02\\failover,msdfs:fs-03\\failover failover
> -------------
> Connecting from a Windows-Client to the share [dfstree] works, and I can
> write to "tabellen" and "briefe" and the files are stored on the correct
> server. If I write a file to the directory "failover" inside the share,
> The file will only be stored on fs-02 but not on fs-3.
> I can mount both "failover" shares as a single share and write to it.
> I can't figure out where the problem is :-(

there is a nice wiki page:

Can it be, that you search for DFS-R ?

IMHO this is not yet implemented.

best regards
Michael Wandel

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