[Samba] How to delete DNS an entry with a special character?

Hans Hermann Meyer edv at kniel.de
Thu Feb 11 09:58:44 UTC 2021

Hello there,

I inherited a Samba4 server and have a problem to delete a DNS entry 
containing a non printing character.

To list all entries I used
/bin/samba-tool dns query localhost mydomain.local @ ALL
and found there are a few A entries where the name of the computer 
contains a non printing character, most likely a tabulator:
   Name=	machine-01, Records=1, Children=0
     A: (flags=600000f0, serial=1227, ttl=900)

(Note the gap between Name= and the machine name.)

I suspect the might have happend when the entry was made using copy and 

Unfortunately the normal command to delete the entry does not work:
/bin/samba-tool dns delete localhost kniel.local machine-01 A
ERROR: Record does not exist

Putting the computers' name in quotes (single or double doesn't matter) 
does not work, either:
/bin/samba-tool dns delete localhost kniel.local "machine-01" A
ERROR: Record does not exist

neither adding a blank before the computer name:
/bin/samba-tool dns delete localhost kniel.local " machine-01" A
ERROR: Record does not exist

To make things worse, the correct entry also exists:
   Name=machine-01, Records=1, Children=0
     A: (flags=f0, serial=1310, ttl=900)

Any help to get a clean database is appreciated.

Best regards,

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