[Samba] Synchronization between Master and replicas

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Wed Feb 10 19:06:19 UTC 2021

On 10/02/2021 18:34, Negrini, Marcos Ariel via samba wrote:
> Hello:
> we are implementing a Samba4 Domain Controller, and I'm looking for info about the synchronization times between the master node and the replicas... I was looking at the KCC commands to check and force synchronization, but what I can't find is if you can set the interval since a change is applied on the master and impacts on the replicas. Where do you configure the replication/synchronization options between servers (obviously the options that are not stored in sysvol, I know that is synchronized with rsync).
> Greetings
> Marcos Ariel Negrini
Samba AD replication can be pretty instantaneous, but it can take up to 
15 minutes, this isn't a Samba problem, Windows DC's do the same.

I don't think there is anyway of configuring replication between DC's, 
you just have to ensure your network is as fast as possible.

If you do get possible replication errors, there are various samba-tool 
commands for checking or forcing replication.

I suppose I should point out that there is no 'Master' in AD, all DC's 
are equal. The only difference is the 7 FSMO roles, these can be (and 
usually are) on just one DC, but if you had 7 DC's there could be one 
FSMO role on each.


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