[Samba] samba-4.14.0rc2 is presenting dependency problems on EL7

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 01:01:46 UTC 2021

It looks like 4.14 is presenting dependency issues to compile for EL7.
Additional python dependencies, such python3-gpg, are awkward to build
because of excess dependency chains for gpgme

The question in my mind is "do I bother continuing to backport 4.14 to
EL 7". Maintaining such dependencies is always an adventure. But
CentOS 8 has just gotten peculiar. CentOS 8, from a policy decided
with no advance announcement to the user community, is now only
published as a beta platform for RHEL, and will no longer have any
certainty of any particular package being compatible with RHEL. That
makes publishing RPMs..... nasty, and I expect real trouble with EPEL
packages and potentially with Samba packages due to the inherent risk
of compiling security and performance critical packages with beta
software that can be updated arbitrarily and incompatibly at any time.

So, I'd welcome thoughts as to whether continuing EL 7 backports is
worth the work. It's already proven awkward with the gnutls
requirements. I'm hesitant to introduce another dependency chain with
python3-gpg and gpgme.

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