[Samba] Unable to join domain?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Feb 6 20:33:00 UTC 2021

On 06/02/2021 20:15, Dan Egli wrote:
> Something screwy is going on. I kept getting password errors, so I 
> decided I'd re-provision, just in case the password was written down 
> wrong. So I re-ran samba-tool domain provision (after removing 
> /etc/samba/smb.conf and /etc/krb5.conf) and recreated the whole 
> domain. Then I noticed that samba didn't automatically create the 
> reverse IP zone, so I went to create it:
>  # samba-tool domain provision --interactive --use-rfc2307
> Realm:  eglifamily.name
> Domain [eglifamily]:
> Server Role (dc, member, standalone) [dc]:
> DNS forwarder IP address (write 'none' to disable forwarding) 
> []:
> Administrator password:
> Retype password:
> <output deleted for brevity, no errors reported>
> # kinit Administrator
> <success>
>  # samba-tool dns zonecreate janus.eglifamily.name 
> 10.168.192.in-addr.arpa
> Failed to bind to uuid 50abc2a4-574d-40b3-9d66-ee4fd5fba076 for 
> ncacn_ip_tcp:2600:100e:b1df:d0d3:20c:29ff:fed0:8fed[49153,sign,target_hostname=janus.eglifamily.name,abstract_syntax=50abc2a4-574d-40b3-9d66-ee4fd5fba076/0x00000005,localaddress=2600:100e:b1df:d0d3:20c:29ff:fed0:8fed] 
> ERROR: Connecting to DNS RPC server janus.eglifamily.name failed with 
> (3221225473, '{Operation Failed} The requested operation was 
> unsuccessful.')
> What did I do wrong?

Probably missing '-k yes' of the end of the command, without it, your 
command will not use the kerberos ticket


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