[Samba] Profile problem

Stefan Kania stefan at kania-online.de
Sat Feb 6 17:52:09 UTC 2021

Am 06.02.21 um 18:41 schrieb Anders Östling via samba:
> Correction...
> Anders Östling
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> Sweden
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> On 6 Feb 2021, 18:39 +0100, Anders Östling <anders.ostling at gmail.com>, wrote:
>> Hi
>> Yes, I think that this too was a problem which I detected when scrutinising everything.
>> However, I decided to start over and take another path and use GPO’s for home drive, profiles and folder redirection.
>> smb.conf share definitions corrected (Rowlands input)
>> New directories created on Debian without any extra unix permission setting
> Set all folder and share permissions as per the Wiki from Windows.
>> GPO’s created
>> User account for test deleted and recreated
>> Test computer rebooted to get the GPO's
>> Result:
>> Logon works as expected
>> Profile folder created and populated on logout
>> App shares mounted as expected using sysvol netlogon script
>> GPO’s shown on DC with samba-tool gpo listall
>> Not working (yet):
>> User’s home directory not created and therefore not mapped to U.

There is a special GPO for users-homedrive. If you need
folder-redirection you will end up with two directories for each user. a
directory "username" for the redirected folders and "username.domain"
for the users data.

>> My previous tests showed that the folder was created *when* I filled in the Profile tab manually in ADUC. Now I rely on the GPO’s, so one step is probably missing.
>> All in all, I am confident that this will work before end of today :)
>> Thanks all for inspiration and support!
>> /Anders

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