[Samba] Fileserver Upgrade problems

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Feb 4 20:21:28 UTC 2021

On 04/02/2021 20:08, Elias Pereira via samba wrote:
>> Ok.  At first I have Domain Admins with Unix Attribute.
>> If I remove it, what does that imply? Will I have to redo something?

You have two options here:

1) If you do not use the DC as a fileserver (which isn't recommended), 
remove 'idmap_ldb:use rfc2307  = yes' from all the Samba DC's smb.conf 
files. this will stop the DC's from using the rfc2307 attributes in AD, 
allowing Domain Admins to have a gidNumber on Unix domain members and 
still own files & folders in sysvol

2) remove the gidNumber from Domain Admins and use a different group as 
shown on the Samba wiki.

>> What about my fileserver upgrade (4.10 to 4.13) that is now requesting a
>> password to access the shares?

That I am unsure about, perhaps Jeremy might have some input here


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