[Samba] problems accessing shares with force group

Piviul piviul at riminilug.it
Wed Feb 3 14:42:30 UTC 2021

Il 03/02/21 14:34, Marco Gaiarin via samba ha scritto:
> Mandi! Piviul via samba
>    In chel di` si favelave...
>> but it was just for example! Sometimes I use force group but now I can't use
>> it any more and I can't understand why and I would like to know why ...
>> didn't you?
> I've waited a bit, hoping that someone more knowleagable of me reply.
> I remember, but my draft cite only a dead link, the old 'samba-it'
> mailing lists in Simo Sorce's server:
> 	http://lists.xsec.it/pipermail/samba-it/2009-December/008290.html
> that 'force group' is incompatible with 'guest ok', and i've
> experimented also i trouble with 'force group' and ACLs, so i've
> disabled it (this totally 'in memory').
> If i remember well, the only way to use 'force group' is to disable
> totally ACLs form share and use only POSIX basic permission, but also
> set 'force create mode', 'force directory mode', or some other options.
> Sorry for the vagueness, bus also i've disabled 'force group'
> use in my shares, roughly when i've started to use ACLs.

Hi Marco, as explained the problem has been solved removing the @ before 
the name of the domain group. In effect in smb.conf reading the force 
group option there is no mention abount + or @ prefixes... I think that 
samba can't accept + or @ any more in force group option.

Have a great day


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