[Samba] Migrating MIT Kerberos based AD DC to Heimdal based AD DC

MATYAS, Tibor tibor.matyas at dsi-as.de
Wed Feb 3 14:23:20 UTC 2021

We operate a MIT Kerberos based single Samba 4.8.6 AD DC on Gentoo Linux
(BIND DLZ). I know, I know: very outdated!
The "setup" and LAN  is completely decoupled from the internet, with a
few Windows 10 members only.
It is not clear to me, what is the current status of the Kerberos based
was last updated on March 2019.

Because it is getting harder to keep the Gentoo Linux up-to-date with
masking the current stable samba versions
and it's dependencies, I guess we have two options:
#1 update samba to the current stable of the gentoo portage tree: as I
told you, I am not sure that this is possible without any
issue.... Shall I update? We can live with the limitations of the MIT
Kerberos based AD DC.
#2 migrate to a Heimdal based AD DC. But how? Is there an offline way?
Or add a second, Heimdal based AD DC, demote the
Kerberos based (to much work)...?

Thank you for your support

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