[Samba] Running custom scripts after user creation.

mj lists at merit.unu.edu
Wed Feb 3 09:09:08 UTC 2021


On 2/3/21 9:30 AM, Peter Boos via samba wrote:
> After a user has been created several Linux side actions need to be done.
> And so I wonder, would it be somehow possible to launch
> A Debian shell script after user creation?
> So I guess on DC checks for new users and runs a script.

We run a 'root preexec' script on a domain member server. That script 
does various housekeeping tasks that need to be done, when a user logs 
on for the first time.

It runs (obviously) the first time a user *logs on*, and not right after 
the user has been *created*.

However, for us, it does what we need to do.


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