[Samba] help to get file from public share without authenticating

jmpatagonia jmpatagonia at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 12:11:50 UTC 2021

Hello I need to help to copy file from a public share to the client, with a
user just logon on samba 4 AD domain server.

I try this, but dont work
smbclient  // -N -g -c 'get logon_linux.sh'
Anonymous login successful
Domain=[POLICIA2] OS=[] Server=[]
tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

I need something like this, without authenticating
smbclient //
Enter jcbatman1's password:
Domain=[POLICIA2] OS=[] Server=[]
smb: \> get logon_linux.sh
getting file \logon_linux.sh of size 1466 as logon_linux.sh (204,5
KiloBytes/sec) (average 204,5 KiloBytes/sec)
smb: \>

The user is correctly logged on the domain server.
The share netlogon is public share.


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