[Samba] Samba4 AD Bind DNS wrong server.

Wyatt C Jackson Minecraftchest1 at outlook.com
Tue Dec 28 23:08:29 UTC 2021

Hello good people. I am trying to setup Samba4 as an Active Directory
server on my Raspberry Pi 4. I have chosen to use the BIND_DLZ backend
for dns. On this Pi I also have docker running. I had k3s installed,
but removed it after setup.

One thing I have noticed is that when running `sudo samba_dnsupdate
--verbose --all-names`, it appears that the script attempts to talk to
a dns server on all interfaces on the system. As I do not have bind
listening on those interfaces (as they belong to docker/kubernetes),
it errors out. Is there a way to tell samba not to try to talk to dns
servers on those interfaces?

Thanks in advance.

Samba Version:
        samba -V
        Version 4.13.14-Ubuntu

Note: When I am refering to interfaces, I am refering to the IP address
assigned to those interfaces.

Minecraftchest1 at outlook.com
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