[Samba] Log Level For Debugging preexec/postexec?

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed Dec 22 21:33:10 UTC 2021

openSUSE LEAP 15.3 samba-4.13.13+git.531.903f5c0ccdc-3.17.1.x86_64

I have preexec/postexec in use on other Samba servers - - - but on this
one they do not appear to work.

   comment = Financial Documents
   inherit acls = Yes
   path = /srv/cifs/financials
   preexec = /usr/bin/logger -t samba -p local3.info "performing postexec"
   read only = No
   root postexec = /usr/local/bin/smb-postexec.sh %m %M %d %I %u

Even changing the preexec to a simple call to logger I get nothing in
syslog [I do get other messages, such as from vfs_audit].

Any tips on debugging why these scripts are not performed?

Highland Park Neighborhood Association
Adam Tauno Williams, Board Chair
Grand Rapids, MI.

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