[Samba] check_account: Failed to convert SID messages in a log

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Wed Dec 15 12:21:10 UTC 2021


Few days ago i upgraded my main file server to 4.15.3 and got flooded
with these messages,  Failed to convert SID on computer accounts, 
which made my monitoring server getting overloaded.

Now, everythink still works, i tested thats but i see so much messsages
I had to revert the update, so for now this server is back to 4.14.10. 

And yes, i have nss_winbind running due NFS i use. 

I've looked at 
https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14901 and

Tried the perl script, that didnt work. 

Its more cosmetic this one, but the amount of log messages i get is 
just to much. (over 100k messages in hours) this also causes high CPU load
on the server.

So im wondering what's the best action here. 

> The security update changed the name resolution order,
> and if you were not running nss_winbindd previously or did not have a
> valid ID mapping for these computer accounts (needed for 
> nss_winbind to provide an entry for the computer) 
> then the errors would have changed from a 'no such user' to this. 

I see this only in 4.15.3 and not in 4.14.10, is this correct? 

Looked as some workarounds but i can't see whats best action currently. 
and sorry, my head is not working with me, stuff happend here.. 

So far, 



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