[Samba] cannot delete/update user ?

David Vasseur dvasseur at excelcio.com
Fri Dec 3 10:24:14 UTC 2021


I'm using Samba 4.13 (debian 11) and cannot delete / update a specific user:

# samba-tool group removemembers GP_COMMERCIAUX emlm -d 9
string_to_sid: SID emlm is not in a valid format
DSDB Change [Modify] at [Fri, 03 Dec 2021 11:10:32.982304 CET] status 
[Unwilling to perform] remote host [Unknown] SID [S-1-5-18] DN 
[CN=GP_COMMERCIAUX,OU=Groupes,DC=XXX,DC=XXX,DC=XXX] attributes [delete: 
member {<base64 value>}]
{"timestamp": "2021-12-03T11:10:32.982462+0100", "type": "dsdbChange", 
"dsdbChange": {"version": {"major": 1, "minor": 0}, "statusCode": 53, 
"status": "Unwilling to perform", "operation": "Modify", 
"remoteAddress": null, "performedAsSystem": false, "userSid": 
"S-1-5-18", "dn": "CN=GP_COMMERCIAUX,OU=Groupes,DC=XXX,DC=XXX,DC=XXX", 
"transactionId": "59bd5a63-2456-41fc-b942-77983f71afd5", "sessionId": 
"62d213ff-8946-4e28-bd4c-1046dd4a5342", "attributes": {"member": 
{"actions": [{"action": "delete", "values": [{"base64": true, "value": 
"<base64 value>"}]}]}}}}
DSDB Transaction [rollback] at [Fri, 03 Dec 2021 11:10:32.982562 CET] 
duration [65271]
{"timestamp": "2021-12-03T11:10:32.982579+0100", "type": 
"dsdbTransaction", "dsdbTransaction": {"version": {"major": 1, "minor": 
0}, "action": "rollback", "transactionId": 
"59bd5a63-2456-41fc-b942-77983f71afd5", "duration": 65271}}
ERROR(ldb): Failed to remove members 'emlm' from group "GP_COMMERCIAUX" 
- Unable to find GUID for DN CN=XXX 

The specified DN actually exists (displayed with "samba-tool user show 

The db is fine (no error with "samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs --fix")

# samba-tool user delete emlm
ERROR(ldb): Failed to remove user "emlm" - objectclass: Cannot delete 
Meslée,OU=Commerciaux,OU=XXX,OU=Utilisateurs,DC=XXX,DC=XXX,DC=XXX, entry 
does not exist!

May be related: there is a special char in the DN (CN=XXX Meslée)

Any idea how to fix this ? Thanks!


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