[Samba] Strange Bind freezing

Nikita Druba admin at npo-lencor.ru
Thu Dec 2 09:01:21 UTC 2021

02.12.2021 7:50, Daniel O'Connor via samba пишет:
> I would try ktrace'ing the bind process, eg...
> sudo -u bind ktrace -f /tmp/named.ktr named -g <rest of options>
> Then reproduce and sift through the trace looking for bad things..
> sudo kdump -f /tmp/named.ktr
> Unfortunately ktrace is pretty low level (since it traces syscalls) but you might get a hint.

I tried now

sudo -u bind ktrace -f /tmp/named.ktr named -g

But even with usually working config, named cant start calling him 

kdump shows repeatedly:

  33246 isc-net-0039 CALL 
  33246 isc-net-0000 RET   _umtx_op 0
  33246 isc-net-0000 CALL  ioctl(0x16f,FIONBIO,0x7fffdffed17c)
  33246 isc-net-0000 RET   ioctl 0
  33246 isc-net-0000 CALL 
  33246 isc-net-0000 RET   setsockopt 0
  33246 isc-net-0000 CALL getpeername(0x16f,0x7fffdffed108,0x7fffdffed0cc)
  33246 isc-net-0000 RET   getpeername -1 errno 57 Socket is not connected
  33246 isc-net-0000 CALL  bind(0x16f,0x80fa35948,0x10)
  33246 isc-net-0000 STRU  struct sockaddr { AF_INET, }
  33246 isc-net-0000 RET   bind -1 errno 13 Permission denied

I never did nothing so deep in OS. What is wrong? I can send you full 
ktrace if it can help.

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