[Samba] Alias Name for new server

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Aug 31 07:39:07 UTC 2021

Gutte morgen Freunde.. And people around the world. 

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> Hello you all,
> I want to replace an exiting domain member server with a new 
> one. In the  past I have done this using the same name as the "old" server. 
> This  required doing all replacement steps in one go and not having the 
> possibility to test in production.
> Now I want to try to build up the "new" server with a new 
> name and later give the name of the "old" as an alias to the new one. The reason for 
> preserving the name is that the server in addition to a Samba file 
> server also hosts some of the files with Apache and those links are 
> stored in a database that is not easily modified.

Setup it up like this. 
NewServer hostname ( A + PTR ) ptr records.
Setup everything in smb.conf 

Per example, all my server have a setup like this. 

real-hostname.internal.domain.tld, this get A+PTR records.
Now if this is a file server, im adding
CNAME fileserv1.internal.domain.tld real-hostname.internal.domain.tld
Webserver, + CNAME webserv1.internal.domain.tld real-hostname.internal.domain.tld
Proxy, + etc etc etc. 

Now you can always add/remove servers without anyone knowing and change the CNAME.

> So far I have on my list of things where the "old" name would be 
> necessary this:
> in smb.conf
> netbios aliases = "old name"
Not needed, leave it out. 

> a CNAME pointing to "old name" in DNS
Yes, after you removed the old server A + PTR from the AD and DNS. 
Add the CNAME for the server. 
> a SPN in AD pointing to "host/OLDNAME at REALM:NET"
Not needed, the CNAME resolve to the A-PTR thats fine. 

> With regards to SPN  what more is needed except "host"?
You might need to add specific SPN, like HTTP/hostname.fqdn.here at REALM.TLD 

> Anything else I am missing?

Nope, not that i see, your idea is fine, follow as i said and you even have less todo. 
Just one more things, you might need to set rights again, but i havent seen an smb.conf ;-) 
Cant say that for sure. 

> Regards
> Christian


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