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cn at brain-biotech.de cn at brain-biotech.de
Tue Aug 31 05:55:08 UTC 2021

Hello you all,
I want to replace an exiting domain member server with a new one. In the 
past I have done this using the same name as the "old" server. This 
required doing all replacement steps in one go and not having the 
possibility to test in production.

Now I want to try to build up the "new" server with a new name and later 
give the name of the "old" as an alias to the new one. The reason for 
preserving the name is that the server in addition to a Samba file 
server also hosts some of the files with Apache and those links are 
stored in a database that is not easily modified.

So far I have on my list of things where the "old" name would be 
necessary this:

in smb.conf
netbios aliases = "old name"

a CNAME pointing to "old name" in DNS

a SPN in AD pointing to "host/OLDNAME at REALM:NET"

With regards to SPN  what more is needed except "host"?

Anything else I am missing?



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