[Samba] Transplant VM samba to baremetal

Rob Tho rtsamba10 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 20:26:32 UTC 2021

Dear all,

I have successfully set up samba ad in a virtual environment and now wish
to deploy in the real world.

The DCs will remain as VMs.
The issue I have is that the bare metal file server is currently a domain
member of another AD, which I am decommissioning.

What is the best way to transplant the VM file server samba config over to
bare metal?

I setup the VM file server to match bare metal in terms of OS  and
(Debian stretch with 4.10.18(Louis rep) on VM, bare metal is stretch with
4.5.16, which will be upgraded to 4.10.18 ). I can't use a new file server
hostname as other services are dependent on that.

DCs are Bullseye with stock samba, awaiting Louis' magic.

1. Remove VM file server from virtual AD, upgrade bare metal samba, then
rejoin AD?
2. Purge samba from bare metal, clean install 4.10.18( if that is possible)
and copy samba dir from VM to bare metal?

Option 2 sounds dodgy, but not sure if option 1 will work cleanly.

Further question:
Once bare metal is connected to new domain, what is the best way of
changing over the file ownership/permissions?

This was discussed on the list about 6 weeks ago.
My plan is chmod -R username."Domain Users" on the fileserver from the Unix
end, and get a Windows 10 client to replace the windows ACLs on the file
Does that sound reasonable?

(I know RP will ask, I've held off upgrading stretch to buster because I
found stretch so stable compared to buster. I use buster on a workstation
and it requires too many reboots to be used as a server. I have high hopes
for bullseye, hoping the further integration of systemd doesn't scupper



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