[Samba] Removing DC's IP from the @ IN A DNS entries

Rowland Penny rpenny at samba.org
Fri Aug 6 16:47:02 UTC 2021

On Fri, 2021-08-06 at 16:18 +0000, Daniel Berteaud via samba wrote:
> Hi
> I'm running a Samba4 domain (AD style) with the internal DNS backend.
> Most things are working great but I have an issue : the DC's IP (I
> have two of them) are automaticaly added as @ IN A entries
> I want to set it to another host (mainly for web access which should
> point on my reverse proxy). I can add other @ IN A entry, but if I
> remove the ones corresponding to the DC, they are automatically added
> back a few minutes later. How can I avoid that ? AFAIK, DC are not
> required to be listed in the @ IN A entry
> How can I handle this, and prevent the DC's IP to be added back ?
> @ IN A   # This is the entry I've added, which should be
> the only one
> @ IN A   # This is the IP of the 1st DC, which is added
> back if removed
> @ IN A   # This is the IP of the 2nd DC, which is added
> back if removed

When you say the '@', you are referring to the SOA record aren't you ?
If so, they should be there, all AD DC's are domain masters, it is what
is described as multi-master.

However, if you have two network devices in a DC, you need to stop
Samba using one of them. You can do this with a couple of smb.conf

bind interfaces only

See 'man smb.conf' for how to use them.


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