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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sun Aug 1 22:28:14 UTC 2021

On Sat, 2021-07-31 at 16:00 -0500, Mikel Pérez via samba wrote:
> hey there! anyone had experience with samba-adws?
> I had to patch out references to ldb.SYNTAX_LARGE_INTEGER
> still isn't detected by powershell commands
> also I feel a bit uncomfortable with patching out those references -
> were they using a private fork of ldb or something? I found nothing
> on
> google for those symbols

I suspect so.  My understanding is that they, while not hard to
reproduce (some defines and perhaps some mappings in
source4/dsdb/schema/schema_syntax.c), the code was sadly lost. 

For very early testing 

> if anyone know a bit that can share from their experience or the dev
> themselves, I am rather interested in and am in eternal gratitude for
> such :+) blessings!

The status is per 

It would be awesome to have this revived - either by developer interest
or via commercial funding, but it seems you are the first to look over
the code since the prototype was built.

To get the client to try and make calls you would need to patch Samba's
"netlogon" attribute handler to mention we are an ADWS server.

That is, include DS_SERVER_WEBSERV along with the other flags in 

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