[Samba] What is wrong in my Samba setup?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Apr 29 12:30:02 UTC 2021

On 29/04/2021 13:13, Jason Long via samba wrote:
> Hello,
> I use Fedora Server and installed the last version of Samba from the source code on it. My "/etc/hosts" file contents is:
> And the output is:
> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8bd7Q42wNH/

The link doesn't appear to work

> The Samba service is running without any error.
> I have some questions:
> 1- What is realm?

It is the kerberos realm, which must be the dns domain in uppercase.

> 2- When I want to verifying DNS, I got below error:
> # host -t SRV _ldap._tcp.mydomain.mydomain.z.
> Host _ldap._tcp.mydomain.mydomain.z. not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Too many 'mydomain' , try it like this:

host -t SRV _ldap._tcp.mydomain.z


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