[Samba] freebsd samba sharing problem hiding folder based upon membership

Peter Boos peter.boos at quest-innovations.com
Wed Apr 28 08:08:11 UTC 2021


On a Freebsd system with samba.

How to set a shared directory so that only the users who are allowed to read or modify, can see only that particular directory in which they have those rights
So they cannot see other folders listed on this level of the directory. ea each user get a different list of folders shown based upon their group memberships.

There is a directory tree shared, for each subfolder a group modifiers and readers, has been made with a group-name based upon their folder.

users can be member of some subfolders in the reader or modifier role, and should not see folder listed where they don't have access to.

Under windows this is possible (List permissions).
Under Freebsd I had mixed results, usually users see all folders (which i dont want) but can dive only into the folders they have permissions on.
Sometimes I added a new user to the root of the share and from that moment on, he saw only his folder + all new folders made after the share was given.

I tried a lot of chmod setfacl options, and am not sure anymore if that would be enough.
Maybe smb service has to be configured to allow something with enumeration folder traversing.
Afterall its the sharing service that provides the folder list towards the client..but what option to set if so ?.

If someone is familiar with the problem, and solved it.
What was your permission setup of root, and sub folders ?, by example of what commands?

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