[Samba] Demote/Promote Samba DC

Stefan Bellon bellon at axivion.com
Wed Apr 21 07:10:28 UTC 2021

On Wed, 21 Apr, Andrew Bartlett via samba wrote:

> Pretty much.  I wrote an additional mode --remove-other-dead-server
> which is far more brutal because of this.

I was reluctant to use that, because the other server was still
running. This switch looked like a "last resort" switch if the other
server is crashed and no more available. I wasn't sure whether that
messes more than it helps if the other server is still running - and
planned to keep running, just not as a DC.

I cleaned all the DNS references to the old DC and removed it
completely from the domain (together with its 1 child, the RID Set).

I hope I removed all traces of it now. Or is there anything else to
tidy up?

Stefan Bellon

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