[Samba] Samba4 and sync password with Google workspace

Pierre, BRIEC pierre.briec at stetherese.net
Tue Apr 20 07:51:56 UTC 2021

Hi everybody,

Since several years, i'm using gaps ( https://github.com/baboons/samba4-gaps &
fork https://github.com/sfonteneau/samba4-gaps) to sync passwords from AD
samba4 to Google workspace.
It is broken since i've updated to debian buster. The problem seems to come
from libldb1.
The python-ldb package depends on libldb1. If i install libldb1, it breaks
samba4 using libldb2
How can i use gaps with latest samba libs? Someone have a workaround?
I still have a stretch debian server with gaps working fine but i can't
update it anymore.

Can someone help me?


*Pierre BRIEC*

*Responsable informatique*

*Ensemble Scolaire Sainte-Thérèse QUIMPER*

informatique at sainte-therese-quimper.org

Collège 02 98 64 44 24 / Lycée 02 98 64 44 34

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