[Samba] metod for change domain name

Marcos Ariel Negrini mnegrini at afip.gob.ar
Thu Apr 15 12:42:26 UTC 2021

I am trying to make a copy of my Samba4-AD to a test environment, and 
for questions of my company they ask me that the domain name is 
different(standardization issues). I was trying with "samba-tool domain 
backup rename", the problem is that our installations are compiled from 
the tar.gz .. and the restoration, by the files that I understand that 
this thought for samba's installed from repositories.. in the command 
options beyond the option of a single directory does not let me indicate 
where each part of the Samba4-AD...
My first question is if I am right and this method does not work (at 
least not directly, I understand that if I could move file by file to 
the destinations of my installation compiled from tar.gz and see if it 
works) for tar.gz installations.
My second question is if there is any other method to make the domain 
change in a samba4-AD.
I've been searching but I can't find any clear information.

Marcos Ariel Negrini
AFIP - División Seguridad de Activos

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