[Samba] Trouble in ssh into Windows machines in the Windows/Samba Domain

Peter Boos peter.boos at quest-innovations.com
Tue Apr 13 14:56:27 UTC 2021

Maybe this is of help,

On a windows prompt type Set and check who is your logon server.
If you see to local machine there, then the client is using a cached logon.
when cached it did not contact a DC first.  (though /force should contact the DC)

Normally polices apply upon login.
Though if one uses non MS VPN solutions like for example the free openVPN 
policies might not get triggered during login.

Also be aware certain actions are not available over slow links by client default
see http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc758898(v=ws.10).aspx
Perhaps you try something that's not available due to slow link detection

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