[Samba] Running GPMC with a user who is a member of Domain Admins

Stefan Bellon bellon at axivion.com
Wed Apr 7 07:08:43 UTC 2021

On Wed, 07 Apr, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:

> Because a "user" is not an "administrator" 
> You should not "work" with Adminsitrator rights, thats more what i
> mean. 
> Keep this separated. 
> I work on my network as user XXXXX.. 
> if i must do Administrative tasks, i login as Administrator. 

Ok, but what qualifies a user as Administrator?

In a environment where you are not the only administrative person, you
certainly do not want to suggest that every administrative user logs in
with the same "Administrator" account, sharing its password. I see many
reasons not to do this (safety, practicability, traceability, ...).

So, the question remains: What's wrong with creating specific
"administrative" users and then making them members of the "Domain
Admins" group? And if that's really a bad idea, how do you do it


Stefan Bellon

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