[Samba] Problem with listing contents of directory of symlinks - not all files shown

John Bergqvist johnlbergqvist at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 12:16:48 UTC 2021

I'm running Samba version 4.14.2 on Arch Linux, and I've observed this
behaviour only since upgrading today (unfortunately I'm not able to find
out which version I upgraded from).

I have a samba share which has wide links & follow symlinks both set to
"yes" and within that is a file called "Subdir".

If I cd into Subdir and create a symlink into that directory: "ln -s
~/file.ts file0.ts"
Nothing is shown in "Subdir" in any client I use, despite "file0.ts" being

If I then create another symlink: "ln -s ~/file.ts file1.ts", "file1.ts" is
then shown in the client.
If I then create another symlink: "ln -s ~/file.ts file2.ts", both file1
and file2 are shown, still no file0.

If I then remove "file0.ts", "file1.ts" now disappears from the client
(despite still being present on disk and un-touched) and now only
"file2.ts" is shown.

If I then re-create the "file0.ts" symlink the same as earlier, the client
now shows "file0.ts" and "file2.ts". This state persists even after
restarting the server process and connecting with different clients. I've
seen this on Windows Clients, Android & smbclient on Arch.

It doesn't seem to matter what the original symlinks are are called, or
what the subdirectory in the share is called.

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