[Samba] Sysvol permission issue - how to repair permanently?

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Apr 3 11:11:25 UTC 2021

On 03/04/2021 10:26, Stefan Bellon via samba wrote:
> Hi all,
> I decided to split this topic away from my other thread with the
> subject "Failed to prepare gensec: NT_STATUS_INVALID_SERVER_STATE"
> because I really think, I should focus on the Sysvol permissions first.
> Also I am focussing on DC1 now, without rsync/unison replication because
> first of all, it has to work smoothly on DC1 alone.
> After a "sysvolreset" I have a structure where "sysvolcheck" succeeds
> and where a "Test Policy" GPO e.g. has the following permissions:
> And as a consequence, "sysvolcheck" fails with:
> ERROR(<class 'samba.provision.ProvisioningError'>): uncaught exception - ProvisioningError: DB ACL on GPO file /var/lib/samba/sysvol/xxx/Policies/{F9E5E9AC-B120-454C-9F5E-AD7A32DF180F}/Machine/Registry.pol O:BAG:DUD:(A;;0x001f01ff;;;DA)(A;;0x001f01ff;;;EA)(A;;0x001f01ff;;;BA)(A;;0x001f01ff;;;SY)(A;;0x001200a9;;;AU)(A;;0x001200a9;;;ED) does not match expected value O:DAG:DAD:P(A;OICI;0x001f01ff;;;DA)(A;OICI;0x001f01ff;;;EA)(A;OICIIO;0x001f01ff;;;CO)(A;OICI;0x001f01ff;;;DA)(A;OICI;0x001f01ff;;;SY)(A;OICI;0x001200a9;;;AU)(A;OICI;0x001200a9;;;ED) from GPO object

What version of Windows are you using ?

If you look closely at the above , you will see that it is expected that 
the ownership will be ' O:DAG:DA', but you have 'O:BAG:DU'

'O' = owner

'G' = group

'DA' = Domain Admins'

'BA' = BUILTIN\Administrators

'DU' = Domain Users

I seem to remember that you have given Domain Admins a gidNumber, this 
will stop the group owning anything.

> ID mapping is as follows:
> ID '3000000' Has SID 'S-1-5-32-544' with the name 'BUILTIN\Administrators 4'
> ID '3000001' Has SID 'S-1-5-32-549' with the name 'BUILTIN\Server Operators 4'
> ID '3000002' Has SID 'S-1-5-18' with the name 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM 5'
> ID '3000003' Has SID 'S-1-5-11' with the name 'NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users 5'
> ID '3000004' Has SID 'S-1-5-21-37643267-2172530850-1818422998-520' with the name 'DS\Group Policy Creator Owners 2'
> ID '3000006' Has SID 'S-1-5-21-37643267-2172530850-1818422998-519' with the name 'DS\Enterprise Admins 2'
> ID '3000008' Has SID 'S-1-5-21-37643267-2172530850-1818422998-512' with the name 'DS\Domain Admins 2'
> ID '3000010' Has SID 'S-1-5-9' with the name 'NT AUTHORITY\ENTERPRISE DOMAIN CONTROLLERS 5'

The above are all 'Well Known SID's'

see here: 

> ID '100' Has SID 'S-1-5-21-37643267-2172530850-1818422998-1118' with the name 'DS\developers 2'

This is interesting, '100' is the Unix ID for the 'users' group and is 
usually mapped to Domain Users in idmap.ldb, I take it you created 
'developers', but did you give it a gidNumber attribute ?

> I really don't understand what I am seeing there.

Fairly simple, the 'ID' is the Unix ID, the SID, is well the objects 
domain SID , finally the 'name' is the objects name.

> What do I have to change in my setup in order to be able to edit GPOs
> from Windows RSAT without breaking permissions on the Sysvol share?

Not sure, because I don't know how you got in this position in the first 
place, have you got any notes on how you installed the DC's, if so, send 
me a copy and I will see if there is something wrong.


> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Greetings,
> Stefan

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