[Samba] Maintaining Unix Attributes in AD using ADUC?

Matthias Leopold matthias.leopold at meduniwien.ac.at
Fri Apr 2 10:22:53 UTC 2021


after reading the documentation on RFC2307 attributes in Samba AD I 
still wasn't sure if UID/GID attributes would be _automatically_ 
assigned to new users/groups that where added with _ADUC_.

wiki.samba.org says:
"When using the ADUC utility, the user and group IDs are automatically 
tracked inside AD and incremented when creating a new user or group." 

"Every time a UID/GID number is assigned using Active Directory Users 
and Computers (ADUC), the next UID/GID number is stored inside the 
Active Directory. By default, ADUC starts assigning UID and GID numbers 
at 10000." 

Now I tried it with a domain where RFC2307 was set up after provisioning 
Additionally I set msSFU30MaxUidNumber/msSFU30MaxGidNumber to custom values.

I then created a user in ADUC, but uidnumber wasn't assigned, same for 
group and gidnumber. The question is: should these attributes have been 
assigned automatically? Did I miss something or is this not supposed to 
To me this is essential, because I want to delegate group creation in AD 
to users, so if automatic GID assignment doesn't work I can't use 
RFC2307 in Samba AD.


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