[Samba] Windows clients connecting to SMB share differently over IP than DNS

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Thu Apr 1 18:35:46 UTC 2021

On 01/04/2021 18:51, Gavin Greenwalt wrote:
> >It might help if the OP did two things:
> >Upgrade Samba, 4.4.16 is very old and EOL.
> >Post their smb.conf, at the moment we have no idea how they are running Samba.
> >
> >Rowland
> Unfortunately I'm locked into 4.4 because that's what Synology is using in DSM.

Not being a synology user, what does that actually mean ? Does it mean 
that it is impossible to upgrade Samba ?

>    But my next step will be to spin up a fresh VM of Ubuntu and compare a clean installation of 4.4.16 to see if Synology DSM is somehow introducing the slowdown.
I would also try a supported version of Samba.
> smb.conf (sanitized) >
> [global]
>          printcap name=cups
>          winbind enum groups=yes

the 'winbind enum' lines could be slowing things down.

>          include=/var/tmp/nginx/smb.netbios.aliases.conf

Interesting, you have SMBv1 turned off, but you have an include file 
called smb.netbios.aliases.conf, (you need SMBv1 for netbios), so what 
is in it ?

>          password server=

You should allow Samba to find the best password server

>          encrypt passwords=yes
>          admin users=@DOM\Domain Admins, at DOM\Enterprise Admins
>          min protocol=SMB2_10
>          security=ads
>          local master=no
>          realm=DOMAIN.COM  <http://DOMAIN.COM>
>          syno sync dctime=yes
>          passdb backend=smbpasswd

Samba was telling people to not smbpasswd as the passdb backend way back 
in the 3.x.x days, so why is your Synology device still using it ?

>          ldap timeout=60
>          printing=cups
>          max protocol=SMB3
>          winbind enum users=yes
>          load printers=yes
>          workgroup=DOM
> smbinfo.conf >
> [global]
>      rpc_server:mdssvc=external
>      prev domain=DOM
>      server signing=yes
>      veto files=
>      advanced_domain_option=yes
>      smb2 leases=yes
>      btrfs clone=no
>      winbind expand groups=1
>      register nic=bond1
>      rpc_daemon:mdssd=fork
>      enable nt4 enum=no
>      allow insecure widelinks=no
>      disable shadow copy=no
> smb.share.conf >
> [Share]
>          recycle bin admin only=yes
>          ftp disable modify=no
>          ftp disable download=no
>          write list=nobody,nobody
>          browseable=yes
>          mediaindex=no
>          hide unreadable=no
>          win share=yes
>          enable recycle bin=yes
>          invalid users=nobody,nobody
>          read list=nobody,nobody
>          ftp disable list=no
>          edit synoacl=yes
>          valid users=nobody,nobody
>          writeable=yes
>          guest ok=yes
>          path=/volume1/Share
>          skip smb perm=yes
>          comment="Share Directory"
What are 'smbinfo.conf' and 'smb.share.conf' , there doesn't seem to be 
an 'include' for them.

Now the big one, what is doing the ID mapping ? I do not see any 'idmap 
config' or even any 'idmap uid' & 'idmap gid' lines.


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