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Tue Sep 29 19:27:14 UTC 2020

Hi Mason,

I am not that experiences about it^^
I  think that one first step would be to strip the registration (key
trust on my side), and once that would have been done submit the results
to the samba team and see if it is worth funding/implementing.
As I am not part of the samba team I cannot say more.


On 9/29/20 6:59 PM, Mason Schmitt wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
>     it does make sense and I would be into helping implementing it.
>     I am just affraid that like always with microsoft when you wireshark it
>     you have some not so nice surprises.
>     +1
> Thanks for offering to help implement this!  It sounds like you have
> some past experience with things like this.  Other than a bug report or
> two regarding Samba's file server, I don't have much experience with
> this.  How could I best help you?
> --
> Mason

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