[Samba] [CTDB] "use mmap = no" Causes wibind to fail

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Tue Sep 29 11:10:57 UTC 2020

On 29/09/2020 11:59, Ralph Boehme via samba wrote:
> Am 9/29/20 um 12:29 PM schrieb Martin Schwenke:
>> Don't we need some sort of ID mapping to ensure that IDs are mapped
>> consistently across the cluster?
> sure, but iirc idmap_tdb (the default) is clustered.
> -slow

Then why does the wikipage have these lines:

idmap config * : backend = autorid
idmap config * : range = 1000000-1999999

Wouldn't it work just as well with:

idmap config * : backend = tdb
idmap config * : range = 1000000-1999999

My problem with that is, as far as I am aware, tdb is an allocating 
backend and you cannot ensure that users on each member of the cluster 
will get the same ID.


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