[Samba] Debian client/workstation pam_mount

Rowland penny rpenny at samba.org
Sat Sep 26 12:21:14 UTC 2020

On 26/09/2020 12:47, Robert Wooden via samba wrote:
> Maybe I am not testing the signin correctly. Here is what I am doing. I
> sign into the client/workstation (hereafter referred to as C/W) via ssh as
> the local "admin" from another C/W so I can open many terminals to tail log
> files. Then "sudo -i" into "root". All testing is run as "root". When I
> sign into "root", I see this:
OK, try this in /etc/security/pam_mount.conf.xml:

<volume fstype="cifs"

Two things:

Replace 'DOMAIN_NAME' with your workgroup name

'path' isn't really a good name for the attribute, a better name would 
have been 'sharename', it isn't a path!. You have '/public', so if you 
are trying to mount a share called 'public' from 
'mbr04.subdom.example.com' then you do not need the leading forward 
slash, if the share that you want to mount isn't called 'public', then 
replace it with the share name that you want to mount.

Open two terminals, log into one as a user that can use sudo (or as 
root) and tail syslog, then try to ssh in as a domain user. If 
everything is correct, the share should get mounted and you should see 
this in the log on the first terminal, provided everything else is 
correct and the user is known to the OS.


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