[Samba] Adding user to group doesn't propagate?

Harald Hannelius harald+samba at arcada.fi
Fri Sep 25 07:21:49 UTC 2020

On Thu, 24 Sep 2020, Rowland penny via samba wrote:

> On 24/09/2020 12:30, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
>> This test also needs the info on.. which backend? ..
> I was using the 'ad' backend, but I think this doesn't make any difference
>> And, did you login/logout again after adding the user.
> No, I didn't, but the only way I could get the user to show up as a member of 
> the group was to run 'wbinfo -a username' which amounts to re-authenticating.
>> Just like in windows, after you authenticated and being added to a group, 
>> you need to logout/login again to get it activated.
> That is the piece of information I struggled to find and if that is the case, 
> then I feel that Samba is working in the same way as Windows.

This is how Unix and Linux groups works too. One have to log out and in 
again in order to get the new group membership show up for the user. But 
when someone else looks at the group with e.g. 'getent group it' the user is 
listed immediately (bar nscd and so on), even while the user is still logged 

So the group membership in Samba isn't updated on the member server until 
the user logs out and in again? I have tried restarting the server processes 
on the member server, and this doesn't change it.

I could live with the user not being a member of the group until they log 
out and in again but I think it's kind of funny that the group membership 
doesn't show up with e.g. 'groups username' on one member server but it 
does on another.


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