[Samba] Adding user to group doesn't propagate?

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Sep 24 12:48:31 UTC 2020


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> Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Adding user to group doesn't propagate?
> On 24/09/2020 12:30, L.P.H. van Belle via samba wrote:
> > This test also needs the info on.. which backend? ..
> I was using the 'ad' backend, but I think this doesn't make 
> any difference

Well, there is a small differenct in the result of the order of working..
Ad backend, must be. 
- create group, add GID. 
- adduser to group. 
- setup rights (add the groups as acl to filesystem/folder/file) 
Only now you will see the folder with the new group on it. 

Rid backend can be,
- create group
- setup rights 
Now you will see the folder with the new group on it. 
- adduser 

> >
> > And, did you login/logout again after adding the user.
> No, I didn't, but the only way I could get the user to show up as a 
> member of the group was to run 'wbinfo -a username' which amounts to 
> re-authenticating.

Aah, thats same as logout/login  ;-) 

> > Just like in windows, after you authenticated and being 
> added to a group, you need to logout/login again to get it activated.
> That is the piece of information I struggled to find and if 
> that is the 
> case, then I feel that Samba is working in the same way as Windows.

Well, there are still the options to try.. 

gpasswd for immediate change:
gpasswd -a someuser somegroup

exec su -l $USER

newgrp groupname

sg group



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