[Samba] dns conditional forwarding

Pohlmann, Carsten samba at transdata.gmbh
Thu Sep 24 12:03:05 UTC 2020

hello everyone,

we are using samba 4.12.7 on debian 10 with packages provided by sernet.
We use the internal dns backend.

We tried to use the ad dns feature "conditional forwarding" in the mmc snap-in on windows. But it doesnt seems to work at the moment.
The samba wiki also says it is not implemented at the moment. Is the wiki up-to-date?

"If you use the internal DNS server, there are the following known problems: 
Scavenging is not implemented yet. The error message "This function is not supported on this system" is returned.
Conditional forwarders are not implemented yet. The same error message as above is returned."

Is there a chance to get this working?
Is it possible to add something to "smb.conf" to get this working without swichting to bind as dns backend?


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