[Samba] Raspberry Pi Version of Samba?

basti mailinglist at unix-solution.de
Wed Sep 23 15:00:18 UTC 2020

I would prefer a HDD for services like samba.

My raspi is running as name server, dhcp, apt-cache, samba, nfs etc. pp.
On the SD card is only the OS. Write intensive task like journald /
logfiles, samba shares, apt-cache, nfs etc are placed on HDD.

This setup is run since 4 years.

up to today i have not found a tool to check the health of a SD card.
Does anybody know a tool ?

On 23.09.20 16:45, Paul R. Ganci via samba wrote:
> On 9/23/20 5:41 AM, Robert Wooden via samba wrote:
>> I did not use the RPi as a permanent DC because, like you, I was
>> sceptical
>> of the reliability of the hardware. I don't think it was designed or
>> intended to be run 24/7 like these nanopc's are.
> My two RPI3 Bs have been running 24/7 now for almost 3 years. They
> really don't do much other than keep time so there probably isn't much
> in the way of I/O which tends to wear out the SD card. Otherwise the
> hardware seems to keep on ticking.

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