[Samba] Raspberry Pi Version of Samba?

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Wed Sep 23 01:20:44 UTC 2020

Ha! You're the exception to every rule!
That's a sweet setup though!
Way cheaper sacrificing a Pi to the god Zeus. LOL.

Do go look at XCP-NG, if you're not familiar. 
Really nice. 
Open source and free.


PRGvs> On 9/22/20 2:14 PM, Gregory Sloop via samba wrote
>> As an old sage (curmudgeon if you like) I'd encourage people to really consider if the Pi is really what you want.
>> For me, it's not - even though it's a totally cool device conceptually. They're a ton of fun to tinker with too.
PRGvs> I am also an old guy and didn't want to use the Rpi for this purpose. 
PRGvs> However, many years ago I turned off our land lines and had a Sprint 
PRGvs> femtocell in the house serving as the base station for our cell phones.
PRGvs> My wife and I just used our cell phones as our main phones. For that to
PRGvs> work a good GPS antenna was necessary (the little antenna which came 
PRGvs> with the femtocell just didn't work given the femtocell location and GPS
PRGvs> signal). I chose an active Trimble Bullet III GPS Antenna requiring a 5V
PRGvs> supply that was compatible with the femtocell and could be roof mounted.
PRGvs> Once WiFi calling became available, Sprint dropped support for the 
PRGvs> femtocell. So I added a Trimble RES 360 Carrier Board and Rpi2 and 
PRGvs> created a Strata I time server. In July of 2017 a lightening strike took
PRGvs> everything out (despite the lightening arrestor) so I migrated to RPI3
PRGvs> with a GPS Networking L1GPSA-N L1 Roof Antenna. I split the GPS signal
PRGvs> and have two RPI3s each with a Trimble RES 360 Carrier Board. Since I 
PRGvs> already have this hardware providing approximately 1uS time accuracy 
PRGvs> (wouldn't want to be late for dinner), I thought I might try using them
PRGvs> for ADs too.
>> For something like a MAME I'd say go for it.
>> Samba/ADDC? Probably not.

PRGvs> I agree with you but circumstances (such as I retired) made me change my
PRGvs> mind. I have Dell R710s one of which functions as my AD as well as 
PRGvs> performing other server tasks. I prefer to run CentOS 7 but given RHEL's
PRGvs> refusal to support Samba AD functionality I have been using the Sernet
PRGvs> packages. I thought if I used the RPI3s for the AD I could use the Samba
PRGvs> source directly. I only use the AD for my home network and and a 
PRGvs> non-profit Alaskan malamute rescue website I support so running Samba is
PRGvs> somewhat a hobby. Since I presently have only 1 AD using the two RPI3s
PRGvs> would allow me to run two ADs so given that I presently only have one AD
PRGvs> that might mitigate some of the potential issues should one of the RPI3s
PRGvs> fail.

PRGvs> A better idea, which I had not thought of until your message, would be
PRGvs> to run a Debian or Ubuntu virtual machine on the Dell R710 and install
PRGvs> the AD there. Then I could directly use Louis's packages. This option is
PRGvs> very agreeable.

PRGvs> -- 
PRGvs> Paul (ganci at nurdog.com)
PRGvs> Cell: (303)257-5208

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