[Samba] ceph vfs can't find specific path

Jonas samba at 0111.ch
Mon Sep 21 11:36:56 UTC 2020

"Rowland penny via samba" samba at lists.samba.org – 21 September 2020 11:54

> > workgroup = INT.EXAMPLE
> You cannot use a dot '.' in a workgroup name

Changed the workgroup to EXAMPLE.

> > valid users = "@domain users"
> Guest access is not going to work because the guest users name will be
> 'nobody' and 'nobody' is not a member of 'Domain Users'

As written before it is working when I change the path to / instead of /plm. Therefore I don't think that this is the problem

> > vfs objects = ceph
> You are turning off acl_xattr

Changed to: vfs objects = acl_xattr ceph

Same result after all the changes above:

ctdb-eventd[248]: 50.samba: ERROR: samba directory "/plm" not available



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