[Samba] ceph vfs can't find specific path

Jonas samba at 0111.ch
Mon Sep 21 07:55:14 UTC 2020


Using two file server with samba 4.12.6 running as a CTDB cluster and trying to share a specific path on a cephfs. After loading the config the ctdb log shows the following error:

ctdb-eventd[248]: 50.samba: ERROR: samba directory "/plm" not available

Here is my samba configuration:


clustering = Yes

netbios name = FSCLUSTER


registry shares = Yes

security = ADS

workgroup = INT.EXAMPLE.COM

map acl inherit = Yes

vfs objects = acl_xattr


guest ok = Yes

inherit permissions = Yes

kernel share modes = No

path = /plm

read only = No

vfs objects = ceph

ceph:config_file = /etc/ceph/ceph.conf

ceph:user_id = samba

The user samba has the following rights on ceph:


key = ...

caps mds = "allow r, allow rw path=/plm"

caps mon = "allow r"

caps osd = "allow rw tag cephfs data=data"

And the pool looks like this:

drwxrwxrwx 3 root root 1 Sep 10 22:06 plm

When changing the path to / (instead of /plm) within the samba config it works. When mounting the share with a client I can see the directory plm.

With ceph-fuse I'm able to mount the correct path (/etc/fstab):

id=samba,conf=/etc/ceph/ceph.conf,client_mountpoint=/plm /mnt/plm fuse.ceph noatime 0 0

This would be a workaround for me but I would like to share the directory directly with vfs_ceph within samba. Did I miss something?



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